iFixit Launches Global Repair Community

We mention iFixit quite often here on gadgetvenue. The company are responsible for taking apart brand new products as they launch and have a focus primarily on Apple [AAPL] products. As soon as something big is launched, the company strip it down and provide the step by step instructions on how to do it.

They are planning on expanding now by creating a global repair community where the project will see them create a repair manual for everything.

iFixit Highlights

* We’re opening up our guides to the world. Think Wikipedia, but for repair.
* Our platform is built from the ground up to make writing and using repair documentation easy.
* Both text and images are easily editable, and come with revision history.
* Reputation and badges reward participation, quality, and experience.
* You can get involved right now!

iFixit have been around over seven years now and have helped over a million people repair their devices.

We’ve developed a collaborative repair manual platform that makes it simple for anyone to share their expertise with the world. No one knows how to fix everything, but everyone knows how to fix something. We aim to collect all of that individual repair knowledge into one place and to make it freely available to everyone on the planet.

By collecting knowledge of people around the globe they hope to expand their offerings. One key part of the change will focus on quality. Right now with iFixit controlling all content they have also controlled the quality. With it switching to a community setup they will focus on transitioning guides from draft to final instruction sets.

Full details of the new iFixit can be found right here.

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