If You Nag Siri Enough, It Will Tell You a Story

If you have asked Siri to tell you a story on your iPhone 4S, you would have been responded to with the same few answers over and over again. But, we learn today that if you nag enough it will eventually give in and tell you one.

I don’t know how many times you need to ask the same question to Siri over and over… “tell me a story” but I got bored after about 15 times. But, keep persisting and you’ll eventually get a story about “quite an intelligent agent by the name of Siri”.

The short story was discovered by Amanda Stewart who managed to find the story as pictured above.

Do you have the patience to see how many other stories there are for you to be told? If it takes much more than 15 attempts then perhaps not for me, but maybe one day I can ask it when I go to bed and have Siri talk me to sleep.


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