IE 6 Usage in the US Drops Below 1%

Internet Explorer 6 usage in the US has finally dropped below 1 percent. Last year the company set up a website called ie6countdown that aimed to kill off the 10+ year old browser. Reasons for pushing users away from that browser is that its extremely old now and has a number of security issues as well as outdated code running it. By dropping usage to below 1 percent it allows developers to focus on current browsers when designing websites.

The graph above shows that worldwide usage is still at 7.7 percent as of last month although that is 6 percentage points down from the same time last year.

The US currently sits at 0.9 percent along with several other countries that also managed to see usage drop below 1 percent. These are the Czech Republic, Portugal, Philippines, Ukraine and Mexico.

What we need next is an IE7 campaign although some suggest there just needs to be an IE campaign. We are guessing that those are not interested in IE at all.


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