iDOS DOS Emulator for iOS Devices

Apple [AAPL] approved a new app yesterday called iDOS. The app lets you run DOS on the iPad, iPhone and iPod touch. Just before getting on to what it does, its important to note here that Apple has already pulled the plug on this one although for jailbreakers, you can still use DOSPAD in its place to achieve the same things as detailed below.

That iDOS let you do is run DOS programs which means a whole lot of games can be played such as WarCraft II, 7th Guest and a whole lot more.

One user also managed to get Windows 3.1 running so that he could play a game of the classic solitaire.

Check out the video below showing iDOS running Space Quest…

Its a shame Apple pulled the download. We’re guessing it wont be back any time soon. If you still want the ability to play these sorts of games then check out the guide here on how to get DOSPAD running. Needs you to jailbreak your device though.

Via: TouchArcade

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