Icy Dock – 4 Drive TB Storage

Icy Dock
The Icy Dock is a 2TB storage device which has 4 removable Seagate SATA drives. Each drive has 500GB of storage capacity and runs at 7200RPM with 16MB of cache and is 3.5 inch. Each drive is also hot swappable so that the system does not have to be switched off when a faulty drive needs to be replaced. The casing of the system is made of Aluminium and has some aspects of plastic around it. We are assuming it is a RAID device, but could not find confirmation of this.

The Icy Dock currently costs $1000 and is worth the investment if you have a lot of data that needs accessing by multiple PCs in your home. If it does have RAID then this makes an ideal solution to store data because if 1 drive fails then all your data is still kept safe.

Via: TheTechGeek

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