iCloud Pricing Revealed

When Apple announced iOS 5, they also announced a new service called iCloud. iCloud allows the iPhone and iPad to connect up seamlessly to the internet to store backups of your phone as well as documents, apps and music. The service will come with a free allowance of 5GB for each username. When Apple announced iCloud they also mentioned that for those going over the 5GB limit there would be an option of paying for more space. The prices have now been revealed.

iCloud.com launched for developers today, meaning that developers could log in and manage their iCloud account which was previously only accessible via an iPhone or iPad running iOS 5 beta.

The prices for the upgrades will be $20 for an extra 10GB, $40 for 20GB and $100 for 50GB. Add the 5GB free to that and you get 15GB, 25GB and 55GB of storage for the prices mentioned above.

To upgrade, users need navigate to the settings menu for the iOS device and activate it through there.

For those in the UK and EU, the prices are as follows:

iCloud UK Pricing

10GB – £14/year (15GB total)
20GB – £28/year (25GB total)
50GB – £70/year (55GB total)

iCloud EU Pricing

10GB – 16 €/year (15GB total)
20GB – 32 €/year (25GB total)
50GB – 80 €/year (55GB total)

Most comments over on 9to5Mac indicate that they agree with the pricing although some are not too happy about it.

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