iCloud Now Open for All

Apple [AAPL] has now opened the iCloud.com service to all Apple users. To access it you simply navigate to icloud.com and enter your Apple ID along with your password. It requires that you are using iOS 5 on your iPad or iPhone so for those not in the developer program you’ll just need to wait a few more hours for Apple to push out the final build around the globe.

The iOS 5 release time is expected to be around 6PM UK time and when available you’ll be able to download it on any iPad, the iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4 as well as the later generation iPod touches. For those who are getting an iPhone 4S, iOS 5 is already installed on the device. When it is installed via iTunes all future updates should be able to be done wirelessly in full or delta mode depending on the type of update being made available.


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