iCloud is Powered by Amazon and Microsoft – Rumour

Over the weekend some details were revealed suggesting that Apple is using Microsoft Azure and Amazon AWS services as the backend of the new iCloud service that is about to launch. The initial report says that Apple has barred both companies from discussing the deal.

When iCloud was first revealed, Steve Jobs simply said “It all just works”. For a more reliable platform Apple is believed to have striped customers data between the two services. The reason for this (and not using their own infrastructure) is possibly because Apple wants to build great consumer experiences. Apple is not a cloud company as such and could be leaving that expertise to others.

The iCloud data is being striped between the Amazon and Microsoft clouds. That means Apple or Microsoft or Amazon or all three have to implement through the software a way of identifying which user’s information is stored in what locations and then to route requests to the correct server.

It isn’t clear how the Apple datacentre in North Carolina is being used (or how it will be used), but this also has a large capacity. Perhaps Apple has built the location and will have others “manage” what happens in there with the data.


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