ICD Gemini Android Based Tablet – Tegra 2 Based

ICD have introduced a new Android OS based tablet computer. ICD were first seen back in Las Vegas at CES 2010 where a couple of Tegra 2 based devices were on display (the Vega and Ultra). They are now launching the ICD Gemini that also uses the next generation 1GHz NVIDIA Tegra Chipset.

Features included in the ICD Gemini include an 11.2 inch touchscreen. Two screens will be available which include a capacitive and a resistive touchscreen, both of which are multitouch capable.

As previously mentioned, the operating system running on the Gemini will be provided by Google [GOOG], ie, the Android OS although it isn’t clear right now which version. We hope for at least 2.0 or even 2.1, but have seen some devices still running 1.6, so we’ll update when we find that information out.

The technical specs reveal it has Bluetooth 2.1+EDR as well as Wireless 802.11b/g/n. USB peripheral support it included and a couple of cameras can be found on the device (one front, one back) allowing for video calls to be made. Integrated 3G is also said to be included.

The front camera has a lower resolution as can be expected on front facing cameras. It is capable of 2 megapixel shots and video. The camera on the back is a little higher rated at 5 megapixels and also adds in auto focus.

Other features include an accelerometer that can capture movement on 5 axis. A digital compass and a GPS receover can be found. An FM radio is built in along with infrared (I guess which could be used to control the TV for example).

Storage wise it has 4GB on board (4GB on the lowest spec model). The SD card slot can accept up to 32GB capacity storage cards to further expand the basic storage on the device.

Outputs/Inputs on the device are also quite good too where we see it has HDMO and a 3.5mm headphone jack. Dual microphones are found in the device which are used for noise cancelling when on calls (in a similar way to how the Nexus One handles noise cancellation).

Right now it is unclear when the ICD Gemini will ship, but we hope to see it by the summer depending on the status of the Tegra 2 chipset that is said to actually all be ok now and not suffering any delays. Pricing is also unknown at the moment.

Via: GG and SlashGear


  1. when will the ICD tablet be released and wat would be the cost

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