iBreath, your iPod-powered breathalyzer

The iBreath is a device which connects to your iPod. The device has a tube sticking out of the side so you can blow down it to measure your alchohol content level. This is accurate to 0.01 BAC. To add a twist to this, the device doubles up as an FM transmitter. It makes you wonder if the device will not work when your level is too high 🙂


The iBreath costs $50 although I think 1 drink is too many to drive! So be careful out there.

Via: Engadget and iLounge


  1. the number of unusual iPod accessories is starting to scare me. 😛

    Notice that all iPod accessories are tagged with “i”, such as iPhone, iCar, iTV, etc? Uhm, I wonder if they’ll be having iSatellite or iShuttle (space shuttle) in the future?

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