IBM Seer Augmented Reality Wimbledon Tennis App

IBM has created a new app for the iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4 and Android smartphones that brings augmented reality to the Wimbledon Tennis tournament.

The application is designed to let you navigate around the grounds and more easily find games you want to watch. By pointing the smartphone in the direction of a game you can pick up scores and details of the match and if cameras are available, you can even watch the match on the screen of your smartphone.

The app is called IBM Seer. It also shows other useful information such as where to get food, where toilets are and other general information that you might need throughout your stay.

It looks like quite a handy app and especially if you wanted to watch the centre court match live, but were stuck out side. The augmented reality video portion of the app just lets you watch it through the wall so to speak.

The video below shows a demonstration of the application and how it runs on an Android device.

Via: Recombu

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