IBM Fast Chip – HD Movies in a Second

IBM Fast Chip
IBM have created a chip that can shift 160GB of data per second. The little chip is just 3.25 x 5.25 mm in size. This is 8 times faster then the current optical components available today. In English this means that a whole HD movie could be downloaded in less then 1 second rather then 30+ minutes that it takes now. That is a huge difference. This technology could have an amazing impact on communications of the future allowing far greater bandwidths, on demand TV, films and more.

The reason this chip was created was due to the amount of data constantly growing. Having this chip would make the use of optical signals more practical.

As well as being for communications between 2 locations, this technology could be used between devices in your home allowing for instant access to data on another device in your home. This would make everything more effective and shifting large amounts of data around far more practical.

Full technical details can be found on this press release.

Via: Gizmodo

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