Hyundai MB 910 Wristwatch Phone

hyundai_mb_910Hyundai are more known for cars and have surprised us by launching the MB-910. The MB-910 is a wristwatch phone that is tri-band and actually looks quite good.

The tri-band watch works on GSM/GPRS networks and is capable of 3 hours of talk time. 70 hours of standby are achievable and it has polyphonic ringtones. No video calls can be done though. The screen is touchscreen and has 132 x 176 pixels which show SMS and MMS messages. As well as showing messages and called ID the screen is capable of showing video too. The watch phone measures 58 x 44 x 16 mm and is less then 60 grams in weight. Bluetooth is built in allowing it to pair with a BT headset if needed (recommended in my opinion).

The phone will be launched in the next few months and will have a price tag of £200 which I assume is not on contract.

Via: TechFresh

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