Hydrodynamic Building Set

hydrodynamic Building Set
The Hydrodynamic Building Set contains 300 pieces and just enough instructions to tell you how to start building. The idea with this kit is that you put all the 300 pieces together and then hope that you get it right and keep the water flowing around the system and not all over yourself. It builds up from the bottom which is the actual case that double up as a water reserve.

Features of the Hydrodynamic Building Set

* Includes: 300 pieces (including girders, tank parts, tubing, valves, tube connectors, meters, etc), electric pump with AC adapter, carrying case/structure base, and instruction book
* Base Dimensions: 10″ X 16″ X 3″
* Warranty: Manufacturer’s Limited Warranty
* Important Notes
o 1/4″ airline tubing can be purchased at any aquarium store if more tubing is needed.
o Not for use with liquids other than water.
o Can be built into different structures over and over (that is, not a single use kit).
o More than one kit can be combined for massive structures.

A video of the kit in action is below.

Product Page – $89.99

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