Hybrid Batteries Last Twice as Long, Charge in Seconds

Some new batteries have been created by a company called ioxus that are capable of running a gadget for twice as long as a regular battery on a single charge. To add to that, the batteries have a charge time of just 90 seconds allowing you to easily charge them minutes before you need to go out somewhere.

If you charge the batteries for 20 seconds you get a partial charge when compared to the full 90 seconds.

It is expected that when launched, these particular batteries could power household gadgets such as kids toys, drills and other items around the house that use smaller types of batteries.

There is a trade-off though as the batteries last around 20,000 cycles which is a lot less than the “millions” of cycles possible with rechargeable batteries. But, with this being a different step in how batteries work, we are confident the company will up the number of cycles over the coming years.

More details over at DVICE.

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