Hurdles Google Doodle adds some fun to search

Google often changes the logo on its home page changing it for what they call a Google Doodle. There have been many over the years which celebrate various events. The latest is related to the Olympics which today sees a Hurdle game on the home page.

The game reminds me of old style 80s games as you need to tap quickly on the left and right arrow keys and hit space bar to jump the hurdles. The purpose of the game is obvious in that you need to try and run the race as quick as you can to pick up a bronze, silver or gold medal at the end of the run.

The Google Doodle is available at and according to google, it is a globally run campaign which means you should be able to play it at any google home page in any country. If you run in to problems or want to look up other historical Google Doodles then check out the Google Doodle history page which lists them all from the beginning. I quite like the PacMan game from a few years back!

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