Hunt and Peck Keyboard

hunt-and-peck-keyboardThe Hunt and Peck keyboard drops the usual QWERTY layout and instead uses an ABCDEF layout to help those who cannot grasp typing at speed.

If you decide after a while that you want to go back to QWERTY then switching back is just a matter of a push of a button and the layout switches back.

The Hunt and Peck keyboard costs $29.95…

The perfect (and perfectly logical) computer keyboard for the one-finger typist. If you never took typing and still use the hunt-and-peck method, here’s the keyboard for you. No more searching among the asdf’s and qwerty’s now just follow the traditional alphabet to find the letter you need (for experienced typists, push a button to return to a standard keyboard layout).

Via: RedFerret


  1. LOL this would be perfect for my boss who hunts and pecks for the right keys.

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