Huawei S7 Preview

The Huawei S7 is an Android based tablet that has a 7 inch screen and sits in-between the likes of the Apple iPad and the Dell Streak.

One of the main problems with the Huawei S7 is that it appears the nice capacitive touchscreen that we expected to see has been replaced with a resistive screen which just doesn’t work that well on Android based devices. Hopefully the review unit is just a one off and that the S7 will have capacitive screens.

Battery life is also a downer with tests showing that just over 1.5 hours of active use can be achieved which is way below the 10 hours that other devices set.

On the positive side the device has decent speakers and does support 720p video playback making it a good option for those who want a device smaller than the iPad but good enough quality to watch movies.

As this is a preview unit the resistive touchscreen might not be the final screen used. Also Android, if not fully configured right, can drain batteries very quickly. Lets just hope the 100 minutes of use can be fixed when the final version launches. We are still looking forwards to seeing the device make it out as it looks very good.

Via: SlashGear and Carrypad


  1. maxfisher says

    may be memory, the processor may be missing. painfully slows down

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