Huawei E583C Mobile WiFi Hotspot Unveiled

Huawei is launching a new MiFi device that can connect up to HSPA 3.5G networks.

The new WiFi hotspot allows up to five wireless devices to connect up at the same time to share the 3.5G connection. If using the USB port on the device to tether it to a laptop, this allows up to six devices to share the connection.

Design wise, the new 3.5G MiFi hotspot looks great. With speeds of 5.67Mbps upstream and 7.2Mbps downstream a possibility it is also quite fast, dependent on signal of course.

Other features on the device include a microSD slot for storage (up to 32GB) as well as the addition of a 1 inch OLED screen to provide details of connectivity and battery life.

Via: I4U

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