Huawei Could Bring Internet to London Underground

When the 2012 Olympics kick off in London, you might be able to get online whilst using the London Underground. This is thanks to Huawei who is currently in talks to provide the necessary equipment to bring all parts of the underground.

The hardware will be provided by Huawei while the installation and maintenance would be carried out by Thales. Price wise, estimates indicate it will cost £100 million for the installation which will go along the roof of the tunnels.

If the system is approved, it will bring both voice and data to the underground as this is a cellular network rather than a wireless network. There is some opposition though in that no other providers have been looked at, or have offered services. Some think the £100 million would be better spent elsewhere while others hint at other providers should be first asked for pricing comparison.

2012 is next year though, so time is getting short and whatever happens, if they want it to be at the Olympics they need to start installations soon.

The downside of course is that the normal busy and noisy underground service will now be a little more busy with voice although having data access could prove handy.

Via: Geeky Gadgets

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