HTW S116 Solar Mobile Phone

HTW S116 Solar Mobile Phone
The HTW S116 is a solar charged mobile phone. Having one of these around could get you out of trouble. All you need to do is sit it in daylight for 40 minutes and you are good for 20 – 25 minutes of talk time. According to one source, the phone can even get a small bit of power from regular lights if it is dark outside.

The main problem with solar energy is that the phone will not charge while in a pocket or bag and its a bit of a pain having to carry it around facing the light source. However, the idea kind of works. I still think a seperate solar charging unit is the better option although you could argue that you probably will not end up carring that around with you. It’s really up to personal choice in the end.

As well as having solar charging capabilities the phone has a 1.3 megapixel camera, external memory card slot and a QVGA screen which measures at 320 x 240 pixels.

Via: Unwiredview

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