HTC Wildfire Available in the UK on Vodafone

The HTC Wildfire is now available in the UK on the Vodafone network. Vodafone is the first network to offer the phone which is ready for ordering today.

Price wise you can pick one up for free on just a £20/month contract. This is a 24 month contract and you do get a decent amount of minutes, text and data as well. With this particular plan you get 300 minutes, unlimited texts and 500MB of data.

The £25 and £30/month contracts also of course have the phone for free, but the more you pay for the plan, the more free minutes you get. Data however, stays restricted to 500MB.

The 18 month contracts are practically the same as the 24 month plans with the HTC Wildfire being free on the cheapest plan although the cheapest plan is £25/month rather than £20/month. Basically you add an extra £5/month to drop to an 18 month tariff.

As for PAYG plans, currently there are none for the HTC Wildfire on the Vodafone network.

Overall, some pretty good prices there although the data lacks a little. However, most people don’t use 500MB/month, so for those it wont be a problem.

Full pricing details at Vodafone.

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