HTC Wildfire Android 2.2 Update Coming This Week in Europe

The HTC Wildfire Android 2.2 update will be pushed out this week for those in Europe. From what we understand, it will roll out to all European Wildfire smartphones.

After this initial roll-out is complete, it then moves on to the rest of the world and an estimated date of February 2011 is the time set for the roll-out to complete.

No details of what countries will be next in-line have been announced just yet which might leave a number of you a tad disappointed, especially now that Android 2.3 is being pushed out to the Nexus One and is being installed on the Nexus S as standard. By the time February hits, Android 3.0 will almost be made available which will put Wildfire owners even further behind the current release.

If we hear any more specifics about the Android 2.2 update, we’ll let you know. More details about it can be found at Facebook.

Via: Android Police

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