HTC Uploads Flyer Tablet Video to Youtube

HTC has uploaded a video to Youtube that shows more details about the new tablet called the HTC Flyer. The video explains the benefits of the 7 inch screen in that it makes the device lighter and still big enough to make useful. The 7 inch screen has a resolution of 1024 x 600 pixels.

We also learn that the Flyer is built using a unibody, similar to how the iPad and other Apple products are made. The Flyer tablet runs a 1.5GHz CPU and uses the Scribe pen for digital note taking.

Back to the HTC Scribe Technology, you’ll see a great demonstration in the video below on how it works. In short, the pen lets you take notes on anything on the screen. You can circle a link on a web page and write a note about it for reading later.

Overall, I have to say it looks quite impressive and suggest you take a look at reviews when available.

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