HTC Touch.B Surfaces with Specs – Uses Brewmp OS

HTC-touchBSome pictures of a new phone from HTC have been revealed which show it being called the HTC Touch.B. Previously it has been mentioned as the HTC Rome.

It was expected that the Touch.B would run the Android 2.X operating system although MobileFrance have said other wise showing that it actually runs a QualComm platform called brewmp.

The phone it’s self is similar in design to the HTC Touch2 that runs the Windows Phone OS, so it seems they are switching OS’s and renaming it Touch.B although I would have liked to see Android rather than brewmp.

The phone as far as MobiFrance can see has no video recording capabilities although it does have a 2 megapixel camera. It does support 3G networks and does have Bluetooth although Wireless features haven’t been found yet.

Brewmp was first announced last year and is supposed to have some excellent flash integration allowing developers to reduce development time. I have yet to see much of brewmp, but I can’t help but think it’s a little late after Android is picking up speed recently.

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