HTC Touch Pro3 Coming in Summer?

There seems to be a few HTC rumours around this week with the latest one being that HTC are working on the HTC Touch Pro3 with a tentative launch date of this summer.

The rumoured information comes from the XDA Developers forums where the information says the device will be smaller and slimmer than the Touch Pro2 (pictured above).

Other than that there is no other information other than it could possibly run Windows Phone 7 Series (assuming it meets the criteria).

Of course anybody can come up with a rumour saying that a HTC HD3 is in the works or a Motorola DROID 2 or even a Nexus Two and claim it will be slimmer and smaller… but until we see some leaked shots of a device and perhaps the leaked documents we can’t really believe this one.

Via: UberGizmo and XDA


  1. When is this phone being available state side?

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