HTC Touch HD 2 to get Android

htc-touch-hdHTC are creating the Touch HD 2 and in a surprising move, they are going to be launching it running the Android OS rather than Windows Mobile 6.5.

The original Touch HD was first released running Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional and it was expected that the second version of the phone would follow. Although a surprising move it’s not overly surprising as HTC have been using Android on a number of phones over the last year or so. Other phones running Android have been the original G1, the Magic and the Hero.

Most of the current high-end HTC models us a 528MHz Qualcomm processor, but this new HTC phone will actually run a 628MHz processor making it 100MHz quicker. Reghardware point out that it’s not quite the speed of the Samsung Jet, but at least a step in the right direction for HTC.

The screen on the Touch HD 2 will measure 3.8 inches, and of course, it will be a touchscreen in an expected 480 x 800 pixel format.

Other than the OS leak there are no pricing or availability details just yet.

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