HTC Thunderbolt Clocked to 1.8GHz

The HTC Thunderbolt has been overclocked up to 1.8GHz. This was enabled by twitter user @drod2169 who managed to create a new kernal. This new kernal could be configured to increase the speeds from the regular amount which is 1GHz, to almost double the speed.

What makes this task even more interesting is the effect that the clock increase has when benchmarking the smartphone. To see the graph, check out the image below. At the top of the list called “Your device:” is the Thunderbolt which scored an impressive 2772.

Unfortunately, Drod2169 (AKA Derek), has not released the kernel just yet. If he does then be very careful running it as a Thunderbolt clocked at such a high speed for any length of time, will more than likely get a tad hot and probably overheat causing damage as it does so.

Still, it’s amazingly impressive don’t you think?

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