HTC Tablet to use N-Trig Screen

N-Trig isn’t a well known company although you might have heard of the Microsoft [MSFT] Surface computer which uses these particular screens.

We now hear that the same company, N-Trig, will also be providing screens for the upcoming HTC Tablet devices. The screen for the HTC Tablet will of course be multi-touch.

The HTC Tablet is expected to be the Google Tablet much like the Nexus One was built for Google [GOOG] by HTC. The tablet is expected to run the new Chrome OS.

The official name of the Google Tablet isn’t known just yet although some are calling it the gPad which we guess is in reference to the Apple iPad.

As for release dates, it is expected that the gPad will launch in November to be ready for Christmas.

Via: CrunchGear

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