HTC Schubert – Windows Phone 7 Captured on Video

HTC has already said it will have a Windows Phone 7 smartphone available on or shortly after the release of Windows Phone 7. We don’t know the official date yet that Microsoft [MSFT] has set, but we suspect it’s coming up soon.

247windowsphone managed to get hold of the HTC Schubert which looks to be the first Windows Phone 7 based smartphone from HTC.

The device has a Nexus One look from what BGR point out, and looks to run Windows Phone 7 very well although the version on there won’t be the final version. We suspect it won’t look as minimalistic as seen in the video although reports do say it is quite a minimal approach in terms of graphics used.

We also don’t think that the final name will be the Schubert and instead, a more appropriate name will be used.

The video below shows the smartphone in action…

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