HTC Online Store Rolled Out

Mobile phone company HTC have announced that they are going to be opening an online store soon. This follows on from companies such as Apple [AAPL] who already operate on online store and do plenty of business through it.

The new HTC Store will open for those in America and will be found at the website where you will be able to browse around and purchase many HTC items such as mobile phones and accessories that the company sell. When purchasing a phone you will also be available to activate the phone through the HTC site on one of the four major networks found in the US.

This move will allow you to more easily select what you want rather than what a sales person wants you to have as well as see what other networks offer in terms of better pricing plans and tariffs.

The store allows you to also apply filters when searching for products such as filtering in or out certain networks that you perhaps want to avoid for various reasons. If the order is priced at over $50 then shipping is free right to your door which is quite handy.

Accessories sold in store include various cases, wrist straps and many other items you probably didn’t realise HTC sold.

The online store is open now where you can start making purchases.

Via: CG

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