HTC Legend AMOLED Screen Has Problems with Grayscale

Some people have reported problems with their HTC Legend smartphones. The problem appears to be the way it shows grayscale colours in that it cannot show them properly.

The HTC Legend uses an AMOLED display which was criticised for the problems which prompted Tweakers to investigate further.

To do this the website used colour-testing equipment where the could test to see exactly what was happening under a microscope. The screen on the Legend did show problems with pink, grey, brown and green showing up rather than just grayscale (seen in the larger image below).

It isn’t clear at the moment if the problem is hardware, in that the screen actually has a problem, or if a software fix could alter the whitebalance settings and make the display show grayscales more effectively.

Meanwhile brightness was also down, with the Legend mustering 253 cd/m2 while its Hero predecessor which uses an LCD display managed 310 cd/m2. Unfortunately an HTC Desire wasn’t available for Tweakers to similarly examine.

We will certainly watch out for this as the HTC Legend is a fantastic phone and one we hope doesn’t suffer any physical problems. If you do have a HTC Legend, is it a noticeable problem?

Via: Android Community

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