HTC Launches Its Brand in China

HTC is taking the HTC brand to China by introducing four new smartphones that will carry the HTC name. Up till now, China has been using HTC devices branded as Dopod.

“We are proud to introduce the HTC brand in China and look forward to bringing a fresh customer-centric smartphone experience to consumers in China,” said Cher Wang, chairman of HTC. “Together with our strategic partner Dopod, we have introduced many state-of-the-art phones over the past few years in China. HTC’s passion for innovation and its commitment to delighting people around the world are what drive us to improve the overall mobile experience in big and small ways. It is this customer-centric approach that has driven HTC’s global leadership position and has differentiated us.”

The four new HTC smartphones will all run HTC Sense and are the HTC Tianxi, HTC Tianyi, HTC Desire and the HTC Wildfire. A partnership with China Mobile is being signed and will see that the phones are taken to market.

Via: Engadget

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