HTC Hero Android 2.1 Updating hitting Taiwan

The HTC Hero is due to get an update that will bring it from it’s current Android version to Android 2.1

The information came from Plurk where an official date was given as April 26 for those users in Taiwan. It is expected that a global release of the firmware will follow shortly after for those who have patiently waited and not rooted their phone to get the unofficial update.

When the new Android 2.1 OS is installed it will bring the new Sense UI to the Hero along with all the new features of the 2.1 update which includes live wallpapers.

The HTC Hero (or G2 as it’s known in some places) was launched June last year in various locations. It is unclear at the moment if the T-Mobile G1 will get an Android 2.1 update although as with the Hero, there is also an unofficial way to get that updated too.

We’ll post details as soon as we hear more about an international launch, or if the Taiwan update gets delayed or arrives early.

Via: Engadget

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