HTC HD7 microSD Replacement Possible

When Microsoft [MSFT] announced Windows Phone 7, we heard at the time that the storage memory would be located inside the device and would not be replaceable. This has turned out to be true in some cases, but some devices like the HTC HD7 use a microSD card internally. This prompted the:unwired to test and see if the HTC HD7 would accept a different memory card.

What the team did was take out the original Class 2 8GB microSD card and replace it with a class 6 microSD card of the same capacity. After a bit of trouble and a few hard resets, the new and faster memory card actually worked as it should and still does without any problems.

What the team didn’t test is using 16GB or 32GB memory cards. The HTC HD7 will come with either 8GB or 16GB of storage depending on what country you buy it, so the team do believe it is possible.

Check out the full details and how they got it working over here.

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