HTC HD7 Deathgrip Problem Gets a Response from HTC

Earlier this year the iPhone 4 was released. Some units leaked out a day early thanks to delivery companies shipping before the release date. On the first day that users got the iPhone 4 it was quickly noted that the iPhone antenna had a problem in that when you held it in your left hand and your thumb covered the black bar on the bottom left of the phone, the signal weakened. Although the problem wasn’t much different to any phone, it stung Apple in terms of bad press about it.

The HTC HD7 seems to suffer from the same “problem” if you can call it that. When holding the HD7 in a certain way the signal strength seems to drop a little. HTC has now provided a response to this…

Quality in industrial design is of key importance to HTC. To ensure the best possible signal strength, antennas are placed in the area least likely to be covered by a person’s face or hands while the phone is in use. However, it is inevitable that a phone’s signal strength will weaken a little when covered in its entirety by a user’s palm or fingers. We test all of our phones extensively and are confident that under normal circumstances reception strength and performance will be more than sufficient for the operation of the phone when network coverage is also adequate.

Have you had problems with your HD7 signal? or do you find it lowers but doesn’t effect performance of calls or data?

Via: BGR

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