HTC HD2 Pricing on T-Mobile Leaked

You are probably aware by now that T-Mobile in the US are launching the HTC HD2 this month. It seems like pricing has been leaked showing the phone as selling for $199.99 after a rebate. The rebate amount is unknown at the moment although expected to be either $50 or $100. The contract free phone is also listed as being sold at $449.99.

Other phones listed in the image above (larger version below) are the CLIQ XT that’s listed at $129.99 after a rebate with the contract free version selling for $329.99.

Finally the Nokia Nuron is listed as selling for $69.99, again, after a rebate of an unknown amount. Off contract it will be $179.99.

The prices are not set in stone obviously, but do give a good idea of what we can expect them to sell for when launched later this month. If any price changes happen we’ll be sure to pass the details on to you.

Via: T-Mobile News

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