HTC HD2 Android Port – Progress Made

The HTC HD2 runs Windows Mobile 6.5. That’s a problem because the hardware is amazing but the software just isn’t that good at all when compared to the likes of Android and iOS.

The guys at XDA Developers have been working a while on getting Android OS on to the HTC HD2, but due to incompatibilities and other problems they have been unsuccessful… that is until the last few days where some good progress was made.

Reasons for the problem include the Snapdragon processor and HaRET which is used to boot Linux from Windows CE devices. When HaRET was used in the past, it basically crashed on the HD2 making it impossible to get Android on to the HD2. Patches have been made though which allow HaRET to run without crashing.

The XDA folk have now managed to get around these problems some how and expect that the HTC HD2 could soon be running a version of Android. Of course we are still quite a while away it seems (perhaps a month or 2) to getting a working build, but it’s good to see progress.

Via: XDA Developers Thread Here


  1. I saw one of these in a store the other day – the specs are pretty good and I think the phone is really nice looking.
    But yeah, who the hell wants a Windows phone? Could be tempted if it was reasonably simple to get it running a (recent) version of Android.

  2. this software is very good

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