HTC Gratia Release Date for UK

HTC has clarified that the HTC Gratia is still set for the same release date here in the UK. Previously, reports indicated that it was being delayed, but HTC has made a statement about the release date of the phone.

“HTC Gratia is now available across several European markets, and is on track to be released in the UK in Q1 2011 as originally planned.

“We are looking forward to seeing people’s response to HTC Gratia.”

So there you go, it is being launched here in the UK in the first quarter of 2011. The HTC Gratia is not getting the latest version of HTC Sense from what we can gather and price wise, it seems fairly high in comparison to what you get.

Via: TechRadar


  1. If its priced oover £300 HTC can bug off,
    £250 would be a decent price for it now as the HTC wildfire has dropped to below £200 in most cases.
    After all compared to the HTC wildfire this only has slightly better specs. If they are expecting it to be successful they must be careful with its pricing. Too high and people might aswell buy a desire (and even thats dropped in price now).
    However I have a feeling this will be yet another overpriced smartphone, why are they so annoyingly expensive!! I don’t use my phone enough to go on contract so il have to pay the simfree/PAYG rip-off prices.

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