HTC Flyer Tablet Now Up for Pre-Order in the UK

The Carphone Warehouse in the UK now has the HTC Flyer listed for pre-order. The model available is the SIM-Free version and when launched, will be SIM free allowing you to use it on any network.

Price wise, pre-orders are £599.99 although we don’t know at the moment when exactly Carphone Warehouse will launch it. A message does say in-stock, but the title also mentions it’s a pre-order. We’re trying to get an update on the situation and will let you know as soon as we have those details.

The Flyer is a step away from the traditional tablet in that it has a smaller screen, like the Galaxy Tab (7 inches) and runs a smartphone OS (Android 2.3 Gingerbread/possibly 2.4). However, HTC has managed to make this model unique in that it supports HTC Scribe Technology that allows you to use a special pen to scribble notes on the screen and save them for study at a later date.

The processor inside runs at 1.5GHz and is single core. We also understand that HTC intend to update the Flyer to Android 3.0 in the near future allowing it to run a more tablet specific operating system. No specific date has been provided for the update.

Out of all the tablets released, or being released soon, the HTC Flyer looks like one of the better options.

The pre-order page can be found over here.

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