HTC Flyer Hits 1 Million Orders

The HTC Flyer was announced at MWC a few weeks ago. We now hear that 1 million orders have been made for the new Android 2.4 tablet computer which according to Digitimes, should see the company through to August this year.

1 million is a good milestone to reach although we need to wait to see what users actually want. It isn’t clear if they will prefer the larger 9 to 10 inch Android 3.0 tablets, or if the smaller Android 2.4 7 inch tablets will suffice.

As for pricing, it is unknown at the moment as HTC hasn’t announced it officially yet. Amazon in Germany has put the Flyer up for pre-order with a price tag of 669, but this will be just speculation and not based on actual numbers received.

If this is the correct price tag it will fall in between the Galaxy Tab and the iPad 2 for pricing, with the iPad 2 being the lowest of them.

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