HTC EVO 4G Screen Glass Problems

Some problems about the HTC EVO 4G screen are being reported online which reveal that the glass is coming away from the EVO 4G on the front of the device.

As pictured above, you see that the bottom right corner of the screen is starting to fall away from the body of the EVO 4G. This problem according to a post on Android Forums has effected 80% of HTC EVO 4G smartphones.

That information came from Radio Shack who also sell the EVO 4G. The employee did comment that Sprint are replacing the handsets although due to 80% seeing the problem it isn’t known how long it will take to replace the device.

It’s a shame that the EVO 4G has suffered some build problems and also a surprise that 80% of devices made it through with that particular fault (assuming what Radio Shack say is correct, and of course the comment on a forum). According to Roman G, the guy who scratched his EVO 4G with a blade and what not, his return has been handled rapidly. Lets hope the 80% is a huge over estimate and that this is just isolated to a few incidents.

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