HTC EVO 4G Rooted – Gives Unlimted Free WiFi/Bluetooth Tether

For those of you who have or are getting a HTC EVO 4G, there’s some good news in that you will now be able to get unlimited free WiFi/Bluetooth tethering. To make this possible your new EVO 4G will need to be rooted.

The application used to achieve this is the Wireless Tether for Root users aka android-wifi-tether.

Before you install the wireless tether for root application on the HTC EVO 4G, you’ll first need to root your device if you haven’t already. Android Police has a guide on how to root your EVO 4G which is easy to follow and is a very quick process.

When you have successfully rooted your EVO 4G then you need to download 2.0.2.pre14 or newer and install it on your smartphone as a .apk file.

A few things to note is that right now the 2.0.2.pre14 which is where EVO 4G support has been included, will only support ad-hoc connections and is not ready for infrastructure yet although hopefully that will come soon. However, Sprint offer an “official” way to do this which does have stronger encryption on the wireless connection although to get that it will cost an extra $30/month to make use of it. So considering the wireless tether app is free and free to use, it’s quite a good deal there. We also expect that the developers will add features over time to bring infrastructure and WPA/WPA2 encryption along also. For now, you can use WEP and also only permit through certain MAC addresses which although not super secure you can guess how many times you’ll be using your mini wireless network around a hacker… probably not that often.

Via: Android Police

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