HTC EVO 4G Available for Pre-Order this Month

We are hearing rumours today saying that the HTC EVO 4G will be going up for pre-order in the next few weeks sometime in May. The phone will be launching on to the Sprint network and is one of the highly anticipated Android phones being launched this year.

With pre-orders starting towards the end of May it is expected that the official launch date of the smartphone on to Sprint will happen on June 6 which has been a date speculated previously.

Comments in a forum also indicated that HTC EVO 4G will be going to 1 staff member in each store on May 17 with training on the phone starting May 24 with a sale date of June 6.

Regardless of all the rumours of when it will be launched, all indications point that it will be late this month or early next month when the phone arrives.

The phone it’s self has an impressive lineup of specs including a large 4.3 inch screen as well as a 1GHz Snapdragon processor from Qualcomm. The 4G in the name suggests it works on fourth generation networks, and you’d be correct in thinking that. Sprint runs a 4G network that allows the device to connect up at very fast speeds to the internet although one thing to remember is that coverage isn’t 100% across the US yet although it is quickly growing.

We expect that on May 12 we will hear all the official launch details including pricing etc… when Sprint will hold an event to officially launch the phone.

Via: Phandroid

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