HTC EVO 4G Overclocked to 1.2GHz

Over at XDA Developers we see that someone managed to tweak the setting on the new HTC EVO 4G taking the clock speed from the standard 998MHz (or 1GHz) up to 1.267Ghz.

The results saw Linpack jump from 6.9MFLOPS to 8.8MFLOPS which shows a 30% increase in speed almost.

The modification is straightforward although by increasing clock speed you also see the voltage requirements increase based on stock levels. What that means is that it sucks the juice out of your battery fairly quickly.

Froyo should make this thing a lot faster, and we can even undervolt/underclock to save battery (we all know the battery life on the EVO isn’t exactly the best)! This *should* also work on the HTC Incredible, because they both use very similar silicon, but there are no guarantees – the Nexus can’t get this high, for example.

If you want more details then check out XDA to get what you need to make the changes on your device. As with all mods we always recommend using caution as you wouldn’t want your EVO 4G to overheat and cause even more problems.

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