HTC EVO 4G Docking Station

The HTC EVO 4G Docking Station has been spotted in a Best Buy magazine. It appears that the dock will be available for Sprint EVO 4G users at the time of launch next week.

The dock has two connections built in. One is for powering the device and connecting it to a computer via micro USB. The second is a HDMI output allowing you to make a connection to your HDTV from the dock.

The HTC EVO 4G uses a new HDMI standard numbered 1.4 that allows for the new micro HDMI connection.

The downside of the micro HDMI output is that PC Mag said it had a few problems in that it had issues with presentations getting stuck on the smartphone. Also, mirroring the display on to a larger screen is also not possible with the connector.

Also problems with the resolutions picked up by a couple of test TV’s were spotted with ViewSonic recognising the HDMI signal as 480p rather than HD which created a blocky experience. Hopefully the HDMI output issues can be fixed in a future update.

As for the HTC EVO 4G Docking Station, it will function as it says other than potentially producing some blocky content. Right now, pricing is unknown although it will launch on June 4.

Via: Pocket Now

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