HTC Espresso gets Revised Sense UI

A couple of weeks back several HTC phones being launched in 2010 were leaked when a firmware was found, opened up and a number of codenames found. One of those phones was the HTC Espresso. Not much is known about this particular phone just yet, but an Italian site claims to have managed to pull some images from the Espresso that reveals it uses a new Sense UI.

A few changes on the Sense UI show a bar across the bottom of the screen that gives direct access to people. Icons on the main pages have also been spruced up a tad by adding a transparent effect around them.

Although there are no hard facts that this is indeed the Espresso, it still looks like quite a nice UI for something which might show up next year. When an official ROM or details of the phone appear we will then be convinced, but for now it’s just mere speculation. More images can be found at HDBlog.

Via: Engadget

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