HTC DROID Incredible Browser Privacy Issues

Reports are indicating that a privacy issue might have hit the HTC DROID Incredible. It is believed to be related to the HTC Sense UI that can take screen shots of your browser session while using the device. The browser session images are then stored in a location where they are hard to get rid of.

The captured images don’t go away when the browser is closed and remain on the device it seems until manually removed. Even when clearing the browser history the screen shots still remain and we also hear after a factory reset is done that they still remain.

The JPEG files are saved to a folder named .bookmark_thumb1 which is located within the emmc folder of the phones internal storage (so you would expect a full factory reset to delete them). We found some screenshots of us logged into Facebook, logged into our online banking website, and viewing several other mundane websites (see picture above) even after having completed a factory reset. We tested this on more than one stock, un-rooted HTC DROID Incredible and replicated it several times.

The images can be deleted manually but what is worrying is that an exit of the browser doesn’t clear them and a factory reset doesn’t clear them.

Are you seeing issues with your DROID Incredible and the images of your browser details not being deleted?

Via: BGR

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