HTC Diamond2 Win Mo Phone running Android 2.1

Just a few weeks back we reported that someone had managed to get Google [GOOG] Android running on a HTC Touch Pro2 smartphone. The Touch Pro2 incidentally is a Windows Mobile phone which hasn’t been designed to run the Android OS.

Following on in that vein, someone has also managed to get Android 2.1 running on a HTC Diamond2 smartphone. The previous phone (touch pro2) was running a Nexus One ROM. This time the HTC Touch Diamond2 is running the ROM from the HTC Legend which also brings the HTC Sense user interface to the phone.

Although most of it works, the camera and GPS unfortunately are not working just yet as well as people reporting problems with Bluetooth. As with all ROM hacking, it often takes a month or two to iron things out so expect this time next month that most, if not all of the functions will be fixed giving the HTC Touch Diamond2 a full Android 2.1 workover.

If you decide to go ahead and try it on your phone then just be aware that you might run in to problems with making your Diamond2 in to an expensive brick… so make your choice wisely and follow instructions closely.

Via: SlashGear

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