HTC Desire Spotted

htc-desireThe HTC Desire was recently captured on camera for what seems to be the first time. The Desire was first spotted about 7 weeks ago early in September where all the information that was available there referred to it as a HTC Desire 6200. Also back then it was also indicated that it would be an Android based phone.

The photograph capturing the HTC Desire does confirm that it is indeed an Android based phone. The phone is branded by Verizon and is said to be a very similar size to the HTC Hero. A close look at the picture shows that there could be the usual trackball in the middle towards the bottom of the phone along with 2, possibly 6 hard buttons which I assume is send/end calls for 2 of them along with a Home button, menu, back and search possibly.

As of yet no details on what processor it will be running are available and what camera, size of screen etc… According to BGR’s source the phone is said to be fast and also runs the Sense UI. Expect official details soon to be launched.

Via: BGR



  1. Nice look! I wonder if this particular model will be shipped worldwide or only at certain countries?

  2. Aris Unrocked Villamor says

    no wonder

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